Saguenay international
short film festival

REGARD – Saguenay International Short Film Festival is one of the most important short film festivals in North America. Each year, the event, which was founded in 1995 in Saguenay,  presents around 200 international and Quebec short films. REGARD is a gateway to the Americas for short films and an international launch pad for Canadian cinema.

REGARD is now part of the festivals which provide access to the OSCAR® for the short film (Academy qualifying festivals for the Short Film Awards). In other words, the winning films of the Festival’s GRAND PRIZE and CANADIAN GRAND PRIZE will now be taken into consideration in the nomination process of the OSCAR® for Best Live Action Short Film. In collaboration with many partners, the Festival hosts an international competition in which more than $89 000 of grants and services are given to the winning filmmakers.

The magic of  REGARD lies in its atmosphere, in the warm welcome to the international guests and festival-goers, as well as in the diversity of the programming. In addition to the screening sessions, which mainly take place in Chicoutimi and Jonquière, a plethora of activities surround the event. Moviegoers and laymen appreciate what has made the success of REGARD for two decades:

● Outdoor screenings
● Special projects
● Short Film Market, open to the public
● Carte blanche given to a foreign festival
● Panorama on a foreign national cinematography
● Sessions adapted to schools, families, and teenagers

Each year, Festival REGARD, which is recognized by its peers, gathers about 300 professionals (directors, producers, domestic and international purchasers, distributors, journalists, screenwriters) who present their films to the public or participate in the activities (workshops, panel discussions, master classes, etc.) of the Short Film Market.


The organization Caravane Films Productions has the mission to produce REGARD – Saguenay International Short Film Festival and its related activities. It contributes to the film education of the youth, it promotes and disseminates short films from here and elsewhere with the general public, it inspires professional encountering, and it contributes to the promotion of film creation.