Saguenay international
short film festival

Whether the action supports a collective movement or follows the path of individuals driven by the desire for change, the films in this program are at once militant, disconcerting, galvanizing and imbued with humanity: Baghdad on Fire is a look at the Iraqi Tishreen Movement in the 20th year of U.S. occupation; HIStory, with its hard-hitting rap and razor-sharp beats by rapper Tony Louie, evokes the historical traumas of indigenous communities; PLSTC, despite its short running time, speaks volumes about our consumer society and the environmental issues affecting it; Terra Mater attacks capitalist consumerism in an aesthetic explosion of image and sound; Soldat Noir takes on hardcore racism, and Nous préférons fleurir proposes inspired actions for a kinder, greener world. Will you join your voice to ours?

Length : 01H30
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