Saguenay international
short film festival

The success of an artist can sometimes mask the modest beginnings that first propelled them – for, behind every great movie usually hides a terrible one that deserves a second chance. Presented for the last time in public, we delved into the murky past of the 27th edition filmmakers in order to find their worst works. The filmmakers who have agreed to participate will comment during the live screening of their film and try to justify their artistic decisions (or not).

People who will have the courage to undergo the selection must expect EVERYTHING. Fun, laughter and discomfort guaranteed!

*No prizes will be awarded to films in this program.

With the participation of Jean-Martin Gagnon, Jean-François Leblanc, Zoé Pelchat, Geneviève Chartrand, Jimmy G. Pettigrew, Sophie B Jacques and Rafaël Beauchamp.

The Last Call
March 23 - 09:30PM
Petanque Tournament
March 24 - 01:30PM
Cocktail party - Terres en vues
March 24 - 05:00PM
Outdoor cocktail party
March 24 - 05:00PM
SiriusXM Cabaret
March 24 - 11:00PM